Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Since RBP has tagged The Sandman himself(no mean feat by itself), I will give you a glimpse into the simple everyday pleasures that provide fleeting moments of happiness on this decaying world.
In a Poisson distribution:
1.Finding a last ciggy/roll/chocolate left in my stash that I thought wasn't there.

2.Eating a magnum -sized death by chocolate at Cornerhouse.

3.(Moving on to other affairs...) Renewing old bonds.

4.Wholesome adda with friends at the tea shop discussing life or something like it over chai, bun-omelettes n lights.

5.Waking up to a song playing playing on my comp eerily complementing my dreams.

6.Finding downloads have completed just as I enter my room.(I set it up that way sometimes though, just for the thrill.)

7.Whooping people at chess/cricket/Quake 3/CS.(I prefer Quake 3 .)

8.Watching Fly-bys.

9.Playing big brother to sis.(Sigh ! she grows up so much every time I get home.)

10.Snuggling upto mum on long wintry afternoons.

Time is never time at all,
you can never ever leave
without leaving a piece of you.............


rainbeau_peep said...

wotitis, a fly-by?

sandman said...

Thank you.Come again.
devotchka,a fly-by is a formation flight of aircraft or an aircraft doing an aerobatic move.

You can check out videos on youtube

Rimi said...

The last two were absalootely oh-cho-chweet :-)

panu said...

ah, the death by chocolate should be outlawed for overstuffed asses like mine... please stop the torture.

Opaline said...

I heart JohnConstantine. Lucky you. =)

Tanay said...

did i see /*"whoop OTHERS at quake"/*????

Is, like,the heights of exaggeration, what?

Unless, of course, you would care to go a round of DM17 anytime...

sandman said...

@tanay , not withstandind uber fragmeisters such as you, there's always such poor fragfolk such as jammie for me to vent on .